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: Downpipe Question for 9-3S

18th February 2003, 11:02 AM
Hi, my question is about the Jt 3" downpipe. I see that there is already a bolt to add a sensor on it, But i have a sensor right on top by the turbo and after the cat. i am going to buy a sports cat so I would put a bolt for a sensor behind the cat.
What would i do about the sensor on top by the turbo and the bolt hole already on the downpipe?
Thanks for your help

Because i heard that the downpipe was made for a gm900 and had to modify it to fit the 9-3.

Tweek's Turbos
22nd February 2003, 10:05 AM
See if the cable on the 02 sensor is long enought to reach. Otherwise, they sell O2 sensor plugs. You can plug the one in the pipe. and weld 2 extra bungs on. I did this with my pipe ( $7 for the bung and $5 for welding it on) turned out my car is apperently the only NG900 with no rear O2 sensor. :roll: