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: ECU wires. What does what?

19th March 2006, 08:23 PM
Hi again, another one for the experts here. This time, it's the 1992, 2.3 CSE FPT turbo AUTO ecu wiring daigram. I am in the process of purchasing an A'pexi SAFC. It needs hard wiring to the ecu of the car. I went looking for the wiring instructions of it. Below is the table for the wires coming out of the unit. It looks like only RED to GREY are used. Can someone fill in the boxes please for where they attach to with the ECU's wire location number and color please. Mucho fanx for any help.

PS. does anyone understand what the ** note is on about?

AFC Wire

ECU wire

red - power

green - RPM signal

brown - ground (closer to ECU)*

black - ground (farther from ECU)*

orange - air flow signal input(to AFC)**

pink - air flow signal output(from AFC, to ECU)**

grey - throttle signal

blue - unused (air flow signal input #1 for hot-wire, flap, or pressure sensor)

white - unused (air flow signal input #2 for hot-wire, flap, or pressures sensor with twin air flow)

yellow - unused (air flow signal output for hot-wire, flap or pressure sensor)

*brown wire must be connected closer to the ECU than the black wire

**completely cut air flow signal wire with orange wire as input to AFC and pink wire as output from AFC to ECU