: Aftonbladet: Cadillac BLS

7th March 2006, 06:41 PM
Can anyone translate ?


7th March 2006, 07:52 PM
MADE IN Trollhättan the new Cadillacen is built in Saabs factory in Sweden.


Swedish Cadillacen equally good as Saab

Cadillac has intercepted in 13 kilos additional upholstery compared with Saab 9-3. The result is boozing era quiet.


Costlier even Saab but cheaper than BMW


The new Cadillacen is an in disguise Saab 9-3.

BLS is smaller than the other mocks-up, has a more functional interior, better choir properties and considerably higher quality feeling.

General motors have lagt down 1,4 billions sek on doing an European jänkare of Saaben.

The design is new to 80 percents, both out - and inside. Chassit is tailored for increased comfort, but the choir properties are still a lot of safe, predictable, and desire fulfilled.

Same engines

The control is exact and fast, but could to give more obstruction. Now is the little well a lot of jänkekänsla in the easy oscillated the thumbwheel.

Engines and gearboxes are same as at Saab. Testbilen had the delicate V6-motorn but the sexstegade the automatic gearbox felt slow.

The comfort is excellent. The car goes extremely quietly on smooth asphalt and a lot of quiet also on coarser stocking. Moreover is fjädringskomforten a lot of good.

Better isolated

Saab puts in about 13 kilos additional isolation in BLS compared with 9-3, day's to do same thing in Saabarna?

Cheaper even BMW

Cadillac is a “more delicate” brand at GM than Saab, therefore will BLS cost more than 9-3. The guideline in Europe is that BLS will last round 10 000 sek cheaper than BMW 3-serie that is the most important competitor.

The sale begins in April, to a beginning at a ten handlare in Sweden and 150 in Europe.

Robert Collin

More GM-modeller than Cadillac is required in order to the factory in Trollhättan will överleva

Cadillac BLS


More or less same car that Saab 9-3, but costlier, and high risk for poor second hand worth.


A lot of överatygande choir properties. Rapid reaction era on the the distorted mountain roads in Provence. Exact (but for lättvevad) control, slow automatic gearbox.


Superlåg sound level, permanent but komfortabel fjädring. Good stools (but is the not yet better in Saab 9-3?).


In each falls gooder than in the American cars that have long building assembled engine and batch wheel operation.


Saab 9-3 is safest in the class, BLS does not learn to last poorer.


Many loves American cars. But how many loves a jänkare made in Trollhättan?

Pinch: 2,0T (175 hk) 258 400 sek

2,0T (210 hk) 303 800 sek

2,8 V6 (255 hk) 334 300 sek

1,9 diesel (150 hk) 261 200 sek

length/breadth/height: 468 /175/ 137 cms, service folded 1460-1650 kg.

Rob in Atlanta
5th April 2006, 02:46 PM
Cadillac has intercepted in 13 kilos additional upholstery compared with Saab 9-3. The result is boozing era quiet. I love the translation "boozing era quiet." What is the "boozing era?" I get mental images of some Jazz Age night club during prohibition with nattily dressed couples in formal wear swilling champagne and bathtub gin.

But I digress. Have you seen the Cadillac BLS (www.cadillac-bls.com) microsite? The BLS looks muy chingon in Black.

Patrick 9-3
5th April 2006, 03:54 PM
I just saw the movie "Hero" yesterday. That commercial reminds me of the fight scene in the end...if anyone has ever seen it.

Nice car...I'm starting to like Cadillacs new designs. Except the new Escalade...yeesh.

5th April 2006, 05:03 PM
I saw Hero. Liked the fight scenes but found the movie too long for my taste (felt sloooow in many parts).

But House of Flying Daggers was awesome. Except for cheesy part at the end where Mei (Ziyi Zhang) kept "coming back from the dead" :roll: