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: Subwoofer in Convertible

11th February 2003, 07:18 PM
Does anyone know the best way to fit a sub and box
in my convertible as there is not much room, i was hoping to put in a 15" sub but it doesn't look like it will fit ?


Daniel Page

22nd February 2003, 07:27 AM
I'm not exactly certain with the Saab vert. and it's spacing parameters for a sub, but.....why is a 15" interesting you so much? What's the rest of the system?
I think if you look around you would be impressed at what the "newer" subs are doing........check out JLAudio's W3 version 2 line! They kick ***. I have just one 10w3 in my truck (putting 2 in my saab 900se) and have more/better bass than my friend with (2) 12".
Besides.........10" small subs in a nice sealed box are easier to work with then 15" .......and to me sound better.