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: Installed my JT 3" Downpipe yesterday!

Tweek's Turbos
10th February 2003, 05:02 PM
I did it all myself, well with the help of my friend. took like 3 hours in the cold on ramps. Its a great sounding piece, even without the cat. I recomend this to anybody. Turns out my car didnt have the 2nd O2 sensor. Eric if you read this, Email me about the fog light.

10th February 2003, 05:29 PM
Glad to hear your installation was successful!
How much did you get the downpipe for ? where?
What kinda sound does it make?
Do you feel any difference?

Jus curious cause im thinkin of doing this mod next!

I currently have
9-3 sport exhaust
hyperboost diverter valve
dawes device MBC
viggen intercooler
cold air intake
zimmerman crossdrilled rotors

Tweek's Turbos
12th February 2003, 02:44 PM
Ok, I have more time to do a breakdown so here goes.

Bought from Taliaferro Saab in MO. $289 or so with shipping. Got it in exactly 12 days.

Installation. on a very cold day in a friends garage we put the car up on ramps, and began to take off the old pipe and link pipe. Removed 1 clamp, took some work but came off. The 3 nuts holding the stock pipe to the turbo came off easy. The O2 sensor, (just had one) came with some work, I think we used a 7/8. fitting it was also easy, I took out the lower intercooler pipe to make the fit easier. The back clamp was a bit tricky to figure out but I got it back on, the 3 nuts went on the studs with ease, and after I was sure everything was in place, I tightend the middle clame down.

Turbo: peak boost is now achieved in all gears, and sustained from 2500rpms on, even in 5th.

Sound: after 1500 rpms or so, the engine howls and rumbles all the way to redline. Idle sound has no change, if not having a cat is illegal in your area, find a good ole boy for inspections, and just push in the clutch or upshift a few times past the cops.

Smell. The exhaust smells a bit more raw, I may also have a leak just since I did it myself, wont bother looking till spring.

One more thing, the do it yourselfer may need another rubber exaust hanger, I only had one since I had no 2nd O2 sensor. Its not a huge necesity, just something to remember. This is located behind the stock cat, Since I had no O2 back there, a plug was in its place with a single exhaust hanger. I just moved it over and used it on the passengerside metal hook on the JT. I'll get the other when it warms up.