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: EGT Gauge Installed on SQR Stage 4 Aero

Steve Aero
24-02-06, 08:46 PM
I installed the thermocoupler in the exhaust manifold. I was wondering if any other tuners out there are monitoring their EGTs so we can compare measurements. This is what I have found so far:

idle: 950-1000 deg F
cruise set at 65 Mph: 1200 deg F
cruise set at 75 Mph: 1400 deg F
WOT pull: temp peaks at about 1500 deg F then falls back down
WOT on up hill: temp exceeds 1500 deg F

I have not hit 1600 deg F yet, nor do I want to. Not sure if I am running to hot which would mean too lean. The car pulls and has 256 Hp at the wheels based on the last dyno.

Your feedback will be appreciated.


25-02-06, 12:51 PM
i wouldnt worry about it being lean. Frank tunes it to dump fuel at the top end. It could be a little higher due to where your probe is...i still havent swapped my manifolds yet so i cant tell you my readings unfortunately

25-02-06, 02:00 PM
I can't find any saab specific temperatures, but what colour are the manifold and turbo? If it's all glowing then might be a little high, a little glowing here and there is fine.

Does a/your stage4 have an equal length manifold? as I think it would help EGT.

Steve Aero
25-02-06, 09:06 PM

I only get a glowing red turbo occassionally, only after very hard driving. I try to avoid that situation these days but performing some easy driving for afew minutes before shutting down.

Good call on themanifold. I have the stock manifold. I have been eyeballing the new Maptun SS exhaust manifold. It should help like you said. The only problem is the cost!

I am running a 3" downpipe but 2.5" from the Cat back. Maybe I should go 3" all the way.


25-02-06, 09:38 PM
'Just' a glowing turbo should be fine especially with the easy driving toward the end of a journey to let the coolants running through it to come back down to earth :roll:

Yeah, I like the maptun manifold but, it is a little pricey, which would probably make me go with a custom one instead.

3" all the way should help too, I've got JT d/p no cat, then s/s from d/p and only one silencer, at the back, it's not as noisey as most would think, but has a very 'dragster' type of note to it :cheesy: My spool is about as instant as it gets and top-end just keeps going, mine is an auto thus T25, so the TD04 should see a monsterous top end with a similar setup.

Personally I'd get the cat-back done before the manifold, but mainly because of cost. Having said that, the cat-back won't really make any difference to the temps up front, the manifold could though, and if you wanted, you could probably run another psi or 2 of boost with the manifold (I don't know what the boost on a stage4 is).

I'm curious, where did you get your stage4 from? The maptun one has a full 3" system on it.

26-02-06, 12:08 PM
yeah steve i forgot you had a 2.5...i would throw a 3 inch catback on and then talk to jon williams about a header...he built a template awhile ago and should be producing them for about 8-900 unlike the 1100 for jaks and over 1200 before shipping for maptuns.


Steve Aero
26-02-06, 08:25 PM

The software I have is Stage 4 from SQR (Stromqvist Racing). Nathan and I have the same software, although he may have upgraded to Stage 5 to accomodate his new green giant injectors. SQR Stage 4 is 308 BHP.

Nathan, You are right about the needing 3". The only reason I have not parted with the 2.5" is because it is SS, only 14 months old, and I paid good money for it from Swedish Dynamics. I got it before I went with new software. I did not know any better.

I will send you photos of the EGT and probe placement.

26-02-06, 10:44 PM
steve - you could prolly sell off the cat back somewhat easily if its full stainless...worth a shot atleast. i havent gone stage 5 yet...just answered you email tho :cheesy: