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: Newbi:Here's what I've done, any ideas for next projects?

17th February 2006, 03:45 AM
hey everyone. Well, I'm new to Saab and new to the forum. I bought my first Saab 900SE Conv in Oct and I LOVE IT!!! I have always been a VW and Audi fan, and still am, but my saab is so far, my favorite.

Anyhow, just letting you know what I have done so far to her.

SOUND: Replaced all interior speakers with metal driven rears and metal driven compenet set up front. Really, the stock radio w/ the new speakers didn't need to be "re-amped"...even with the top down.

Now, due to my car being a convertible, I had to go with a big sub in the back. I purchased a Digital Design (DD) 12" sub with dual 2ohm voice coils. My original amp was an Orion HCCA 225 Digital Reference, brought down to 1ohm and OMG, this baby was loud. However, I got really worried about the heat coming off of this amp and burning my trunk. **the amp is old school, power regulator. It'll do .5ohm stable and taking out a bolt will knock her down to .25ohm stable....but the heat, is literally like a stove*** Anyhow, I took her off and replaced the amp with a Orion 1200d with an equalizer/active crossover in the glove box. Yes, I like Orion amps. I had a custom box with a 1faret cap. Box volume is right at 2.25CuFt Volume. It looks really good. Future plans for the trunk is to leather it all up. Guys, this sub is LOUD!!! This ONE 12" sub reaches 142db. Monstourous...and yes, lots of sound dampering in the rear.

Exterior: painted the mirrors....a guy tried to park his car into mine so yea, I got some stuff done extra on his penny. Changed out my 15" Moda's with 17" Excel "hyper lights". Beautiful. The hyper light changes colors in the sun. Shaved rear symbols, save Saab symbols, but I AM looking for some new versions of them.

Now, the engine. I haven't done ANYTHING yet to her. Been somewhat afraid. This is my first Saab and there is no dealership or ANYONE that will touch her for quit a few HUNDRED miles. lol. I would love to hear some advice. Some of my ideas have been to get a k&n, just because I have used them in everything else, blow off valve **not too sure if my saab has a MAP on her. I look on the air lines and couldnt' find one. Was looking at upgrading chips for now to stage 1 and eventually get to stage II with upgraded turbo, exhaust, and intake. Any ideas would be great.

Here's what I'm looking for. I trying to make this car "show" quality, yet driven daily. I have always fixed up old VW's, but again, this is my first saab and am hesitant to do anything drastic at first.

Thank you guys and will post pics of her ASAP.

17th February 2006, 08:48 AM
Welcome aboard...

Your car has a MAP. It is located on the strut tower. Little rectangualr black box with a vac line attached to it and runs to a barb on the throttle body.

Search around here. There is alot of info about cheap and easy upgrades you can do to prepare your car for upgraded ECU's or other boost enhancing mods.

17th February 2006, 08:58 AM
are in eastern or western Tenn? if you're close to NC, there's a guy in black mountain, Jak Stoll, who could definitely hook you up with some performance info and parts. I don't know his number off hand, but there are some others on this forum who have used him. I've been meaning to drive up there myself sometime. anyhow, that might be your best bet for getting work done unless you're handy with mechanic stuff.

btw, I'd upgrade the headunit because a) it is nice to have an in-dash CD player and b) you will get MUCH better sound out of your speakers b/c they'll have enough power and your sub (if you hook it up with RCAs). also, if you buy any Alpine or high-end other brands, you'll get a sub-level control which really comes in handy. but, that's just my opinion :cheesy:

have a blast with your saab and welcome to our forum!