: Snowy c900 video

12th February 2006, 02:39 AM
Well it is snowing here, as many already know, and my sister demanded I get her from work, since the buses stopped running. So being the nice big brother I am, I went to collect her, on the way I decided to tackle a few hills with my 900, only got stuck on one and had a hell of a time trying to get back down. I kept slowly rolling down backwards and the car just kept going to one side, I pulled up the e-brake and I started to slide, but I slid straight! I was able to get back to the main road and found another way down.

Since we had to go to the store to get her some smokes, I decided to scare the hell outta her. Empty parking lots? Snow? Rear e-brakes? Perfect!!!

She grabbed hold of the handle above the door and put her seatbelt on and hung on for dear life!
I managed to get her to stand in the middle of it and take a video of it all with my digital camera, so here is the video I, well she, took.


It felt much faster while driving than the video appears, and I guess I need a new brake light switch :confused: I bet I confused some people with that!