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: 900 handles like a dream

02-02-03, 10:59 PM
My 1997 900s has just been lowered (Lovel coils all round) and a new set of Koni struts and shocks. Handles like a dream. Can you get sway bars to suit.......anybody know? :o

Jeremy R.
03-02-03, 11:31 AM
There are two companies that make rear sway bars, Abbott Racing and Swedish Auto Specialties (SAS). The SAS bar is thicker and cheaper, but the Abbott bar looks nicer, not that you'd notice it under your car. Their addresses are http://www.abbottracing.com and http://www.sasab.com.

03-02-03, 07:56 PM
Thanks Jeremy - I see your up late

05-02-03, 04:15 AM
Being from Australia..

I would love to know how much this cost and where you
got it done.


05-02-03, 06:51 PM
Theres a few of us I see
I put Eibachs in ,I didnt know lovel made springs for the 900.Pedders do for the 9-3 but they are not the same struts ( more travel)
Sway bars: Saab make a 'roadholding kit' for the 900 which I put in : $400 for 4 struts, $110 each for front and rear bars- the rear bar is the iner one ie unlike the SAS bar.The rear bar is the same diameter as the one on my Talladega, and the front is only .5-1 mm wider ( I think)-it did make some difference as the stiffness varies by the 4th power of the diameter.
Anyway, with the bars and springs-> no bodyroll and a fairly compliant ride.
I think the single best option would be the SAS bar but freight would be quite steep from US
There is an Abbott agent in Australia, he's in Canberra.Can get his details from Abbott uk site. Be warned- its very expensive: I was quoted >1000 for the steering rack brace alone,>2000 for the ecu upgrade


05-02-03, 08:48 PM
I got Capital Steering and Suspension (in Canberra) to do the deed and cost me $700 for the springs (Lovel had to do a special build) and the Konis cost $1000 for all four. Makes a hugh difference to the handling :!

06-02-03, 03:56 PM
anyone ever heard about Intrax Springs?
Are they any good?

Is there any springs I can purchase for around $200 here in the US?