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: "No more", she says.. so its time 2 sell (1990 900

31st January 2003, 12:02 AM
The car has been having an intermittent no-start problem. It has power, can here a "click,' and AC and other electrical items (except stereo) correctly shut off in starting position, but it will NOT always turn the starter.

I wouldn't mind getting a book and spending the time checking the wiring of the vehicle, but I have no time. Unless I get offers of free parts, its got to go. She does not feel safe leaving the house w/ it (2 weeks ago had to have it towed home, but it started today after days of no-starts).

It will run FINE once started, but shut it off (say, @ the pump or running errands) and its a gamble to get it going. Several visits to the mechanic w/ hundreds (possibly more) spent and many hours lost, it is time to toss in the towel.

Perhaps not the way to advertise, but thats why its going cheap. asking 3000, but ALL offers welcome!!!!! Should be a good parts car. Turbo spins & pushes, battery new, all electronics (minus heated seats and 2 door lock actuators) work.


No pictures YET. We're diggin up a digi-cam. Thanks for your time.....

1990 9000 CD (now for sale)
1980 BMW 320is (mine mine mine, all mine)

31st January 2003, 04:13 AM
Welcome to SaabCentral, melloh.

Perhaps someone here can help you fix your 9000, as this particular no-start symptom sounds familiar. Try clicking on "Search" at the top of the page.

In the meantime, mosey over to the Classified Ads section and place an entry there. There is no charge for non-commercial advertisers. We don't encourage adverts in the forums as we could end up with loads of obsolete adverts cluttering up the archives and confusing people when they do searches in the future.

31st January 2003, 04:44 AM
Welcome to Saabcentral.

Starter motor?


31st January 2003, 02:03 PM
Thanks for the heads up. My apologies for the improper post.


31st January 2003, 02:26 PM
No problem. If you're still interested in fixing it, I now remember what I was trying to think of. The battery cables have been known to deteriorate on the 9000, as have the battery terminals, which could cause this problem.

You could try removing and cleaning the cable terminals (positive and negative) at each end, including the parts they fit onto and the battery terminals themselves (which have been known to accumulate hard black corrosion). Also the earth strap from the engine to the body (at the upper engine mounting on my '96). Unfortunately, if it's an intermittent fault, you won't know it's fixed until it's been used for a while. The same goes for any other possible fix.

What has the garage done so far to try to cure it?

31st January 2003, 08:42 PM
Ignition switch (p/n SA4946315)


Ign Switch (p/n SA4946315)
El connector (p/n SA9120775)
cable terminal (p/n SA9120791)
Relay quantity 2 (p/n SA8522310 & SA8536401)

Starter (FP-number 88-23-932, $243.36)
Pos cable (FP-number 95-55-764)

And theres some other oil leak and suspension stuff I left out. Ther may be a couple receipts still in the car, though.

Personal opinion: loose/bad connection somewhere.

1) Usually worse when car is war (either from being run or its hot outside). But, now also apparent when cold

2) When there is a no-start, there is a click comming from the bay, right (passenger) side.

3) Mother says tow-truck's jump-start can force a start. (seems to confirm loose/bad connection being that higher flow can jump the bad connection). Portable battery packs do NOT have the same effect (but are weaker than tow trucks).

4) Car reads from 9.6-11.x volts, ~13.x when running, ~11-12 at idle.

Thanks much for your time. I had received input from the saabnet group, but all pointed @ ign switch. But, thats been replaced 2x.


PS: if anyone here happens to be selling a haynes (or similar) manual for this car, let me know.

10th February 2003, 08:23 AM
My 9000 had a similar problem about a year ago, in that it would intermittently not start, and make a "clunking" relay sound.

The solution was to take the battery out and charge it overnight with a mains charger. I gave the termainals a clean too as I put it back together, and I haven't had a problem starting since.


10th February 2003, 03:02 PM
I suppose I could try that. The 'bad' news for me is that the cables and battery are new. But perhaps our alt is not charging enough. Very possible. Thanks much!