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: 9000 non turbo lack of performance

wounded horse
30th January 2003, 01:07 PM
I've just bought a 94 9000 CSE Non turbo (2 litre). Great to drive and built as well as anything I've seen. I'm somewhat disappointed with the performance. Overtaking is a chore even in 3rd gear. Does the 2.3 non turbo motor drop in and would it make a difference to performance. I know that i cannot just bolt on a turbo for reasons of compression ratios,wiring loom differences and so on.
Any comments would be welcome

30th January 2003, 01:28 PM
Welcome to SaabCentral, wounded horse.
I know someone who made a noticeable difference to the performance of his 9000 2.0i auto by fitting a rising-rate fuel pressure regulator, which filled what he described a a "hole" in the performance. I assume this means that the standard fuelling is a bit lacking under load. The RRFPR is available from Trent Saab (http://www.trentsaab.co.uk), and perhaps from other places too.

I think '94 was the first year of the B204 balance-shaft 2.0 engine, which is derived from the B234 2.3 engine. This being the case, the 2.3 will probably be a reasonably straightforward replacement. I assume you have DI (the 2.0i was the last engine to use a conventional ignition system). If so, all the wiring ought to be the same and you could plug in the engine management ECU from a 2.3i.

The donor engine would have to be from a '94-on car, as the engine and gearbox changed in '94 and a pre-'94 engine wouldn't mate with your gearbox.