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: 9000 No start

26th January 2003, 02:20 PM
I am nowhere near the car, so all I have is second hand info. Anyway, my mom told me the 90 Saab Turbo Cd just refuses to start. It wouldn't crank, so she put a battery in it. Now it cranks, but doesn't fire. Upon further investigation she noticed that the serpentine belt is *missing*. She insists that is why it won't start. I can't see why that would cause the car not to run. Kill the battery, yes, because the alt is not turning, but still run. If it was the timing chain, I could see that it would not start, but not just the serpentine belt. Anyone have any insight on this?

Thanks in advance,


P.S - For those who tell me to look at the car, it is about 380 miles away from where I am right now.

27th January 2003, 02:59 PM
The site seems to be down at the moment, but you could try here for some pointers....