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: Alternator removal

24th January 2003, 09:31 AM
From what I've found searching various forums, this is a Grade A butt-pain job, should I even attempt it in the dark tonight (with a lead-light) or not bother and get my mechanic to do it?

I don't even know for sure where it is, but it sounds like access from underneath is required :evil: and is there a special tensioner?

Its a 5 sec job on every other car I've had :evil:

24th January 2003, 12:42 PM
Are you sure you cant remove the voltage regulator/contact brushes without removing the alternator??, dont know about a 9000 but on a 900 you can :-??
Just a thought Patrick :!


25th January 2003, 05:37 AM
The alternator is behind the engine, beneath everything, the only way to get to it is from below, and thru the wheel arch liner. If I'm going to that much hassle, I may as well take it off.

Every time I just change brushes and regulator I end up with seized bearings 3 weeks later :evil: because someone has already done the cheap job!

With the grief involved in accessing it anyway, and a new Hella one costing 75 I think I'll just swap for a new one.

Plus it's Mrs P's machine, so utter reliability is somewhat crucial, so is keeping it on the road, as she's a teacher and days off aren't "done"!!

18th June 2004, 10:38 AM
I realize this post is like a YEAR after you had this problem...

but changing The voltage Regulator on a 9000 is Actually VERY easy.

you don't need to be anywhere NEAR the wheel-well to do the swap...

first, be Sure to remove the battery Leads!!!!!!

Then, Simply jack the front up enough for you to lie underneath, and Extend your Arms..
maybe 18"? 45cm?

you'll also need to remove the oil filter.
doing so will mean dropping approx 8.oz of oil on the floor, so you'll need Something To catch it.
(and a Rag To wipe those incessant drips from the suspension bits)

anyways, get under the car so you'r looking almost straight up @ the oil-filter. There will be PLENTY of room for you to reach in, and Remove the 2 philips head screws holding the Voltage Regulator To the back-side of the alternator.
Just watch Where The screws bounce to, since the voltage Regulator is spring-loaded, and will pop-out once the 2nd screw is removed.

to Re-install, is just As easy....
new voltage Regulator goes in, "brush"-first, and then just start the Two Screws by hand, and finish up with the screw-driver...

re-install the oil filter, and let the Car down once you're out From under.

then, just start the Car, and check voltage @ the battery Withthe Car running... should be 14-ish

sometimes, it Take a few minutes for the new brushes to break the glaze of the old ones, but the voltage Will pop up in just a few moments.

16th May 2012, 06:24 PM
Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but does anyone know if G96nt is talking about the 95-98 9000?

17th May 2012, 03:42 PM
on the 94-98 9000's the oil filter is on the front side of the engine and the alternator is on the back, so I guess not...

Actually removing the alternator on a later 9000 is not such a big deal. Either take it out through the wheel arch, which involves removing the wheel arch inner liner and unbolting the power steering pump from the block (the 2 bolts behind the pulley). Or take it out from the top, which requires removal of the top engine strut and pulling the engine forward a few cm. On a turbo that will give you just enough clearance, on a non-turbo I'm not sure as those engines have larger intake manifolds.

21st May 2012, 12:09 PM
If the bearings are still quiet there is generally no need to pull the alternator.

Disco the battery negative. Reach down and, using an offset phillips screwdriver (or a stubby), back the 2 mounting screws out and remove the complete regulator/diode assembly. Get a new one and screw it in place. Hook your battery back up and - that's it.

They are about 40 USD - Rockauto sells a Bosch OEM set for 35 USD..

Saabsite pricing is comparable

If you're really a cheap individual (like me) you can get just the actual brushes and unsolder and resolder them. It's a bit of a hassle - I doubt I'm going to do it that way anymore.