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: 2.0L w/ Direct ignition?

23rd January 2003, 07:39 PM
Was there a 2.0L w/ direct ignition made over there in europe before 91? I remember seeing something that made me believe Saab tried the direct ignition on a 2.0L 9k Turbo w/ jetronic fuel injection. Can anyone confirm?

What I am mainly after is, what plug gap did they use on it? I installed a di/apc on my 900 and w/o the solenoid or ait hooked up, I'm getting hesitation once boost kicks in. I haven't had a chance yet, but I"m thinking the 1.1 plug gap is too big.

does anyone know exactly how the timing is controlled in the Di/apc? I always thought it was similar to ezk but more in sync w/ the apc part. Is the timing a function of the tps at all?

24th January 2003, 02:51 AM
Ubipa, I don't know how the timing is controlled, but I do know there was a 2.0 DI engine before '91. I have an '88 9000 CD handbook here which says the CD had DI (I think DI was first introduced on the CD). As far as I know, all pre-'93 (pre-Trionic) 9000s had Jetronic. Was it the 2.4.2 that had an input for knock-control enrichment?

That handbook specifies BCPR7ES gapped at 1.0mm +0.1/-0.2, just like all other models with DI.

24th January 2003, 12:01 PM
hmm, last reply didn't go through. I guess when your using a 50mhz tinkpad w/ dialup you can only expect the worst.

Lh2.4.2 does have a preign/knock input, but do the 88 CD's have Lh2.4.2 or LH2.4 or LH2.2. I have seen info to lead me to believe there were 9k's w/ direct ignition using Lh2.2, the preign/knock signal replaced the O2 sensor. Kinda makes it more performanced tuned than economic.

I installed the di/apc on my 2.1L 10:1cr LPT, using the auto di/apc to keep max boost under 10psi. The car would start to hesitate and bog down when I would go from half throttle to full throttle real quick. I find it, right around when boost kicks in. I currently have the wastegate hooked directly to a vac line off the turbo so there is no di/apc boost control. Noticing it was right around boost, I disconnected my h2o inj which comes on around 1-2psi. Now the car will hesitate on/off/on and then bog down. I'm thinking the plug gap might be too big. I've heard when increasing cr the plug gap must be smaller.

Other thing, I've been noticing a knocking noise on cold startup from the engine block. It seems like the noise is taking longer and longer to go away. What does a bad bearing sound like? A couple months ago I tried a reprogrammed chip that made my car run way too rich. I didn't check the afr until 50miles later then removed it, a month or so later my O2 sensor went bad causing a really rich mixture. I then really noticed a gassy smell in my oil and more engine noise. I switched the redline 10w40 to M1 5w30..
The thought the knocking noise could be causing timing retard, but it didn't happen w/ the ezk system before so why now.