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: Plugs, leads, Filter - for best results GM 900 Turbo

23rd January 2003, 06:00 AM
Can anyone advise on the best combination of plugs & HT leads. ie Splitfire, bosch, NGK etc, 6mm, 8mm leads.

Would a K&N induction kit make any diference over a panel filer on a turbo engine, as the turbo will be providing force on the air flow anyway.



23rd January 2003, 11:36 AM
Although, I am driving a NG900 with a non-turbo, I am running Magnecor 8.5mm ignition wires, NGK Platinum plugs, and have installed a K&N panel filter which takes the place of the stock filter, but still uses the stock setup.

In order to maker the air intake setup a bit more effective, I have taken out the stock tube that feeds the airbox, and replaced it with a wider tube.

People have mentioned that in some cases they have lost horsepower from an open air intake.....

23rd January 2003, 12:04 PM
Does your car have plug leads on it? I think your car is a Trionic equipped model, if so you should use the plug specified in the manual (NGK) and make sure they are properly gapped because the plugs analyze the combustion and are thus "muy importante."

26th January 2003, 03:03 PM
Dooohhh!! Yup your right it is a Trionic equipped model !!

Has anybody used other make of plugs apart from NGK ?? I used to run Bosch Super 4's in my Golf GTi a few years back & they made a difference on take off.

Jeremy R.
26th January 2003, 10:03 PM
Quite a few guys of the guys over on Saabnet have tried Bosch plugs, and lots of other brands. The results have never been an improvement over the plain old NGK plugs, and are usually worse. Even NGK platinum plugs, which are now standard in the 9-3, don't offer much of an improvement. They last longer, but they need to be taken out and regapped at about the same time you'd replace the normal ones.