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: Like bubbles out of wallpaper

21st January 2003, 11:21 PM
Ok good news: the new air filter cuts out the missfiring. Heat works.
Bad news:clutch pedal started to give less and less and well sudenly i have no where else to go (this on the way home) now i got her into second and, despite how bad it is for her she gets to start and drive only in second. now obviously i don't like this so i don't get to drive any more :-( any ideas asa to what i need to do.

22nd January 2003, 05:20 AM
When you say "less and less", do you mean it did this over a short period of time? If so, it sounds like a hydraulic failure and I'd suspect the clutch master cylinder as the slave cylinder will usually give up suddenly and leak fluid under the car from the bellhousing.

The master cylinder is not a huge job compared to changing the clutch or slave cylinder (gearbox-out for those). I've just had it changed on my Aero and was charged 94 (US$150, don't know the Canadian equivalent) and 1 hour labour, although I suspect most places will take two hours or more.

The thing to be wary of is that often the slave cylinder will fail shortly after hydraulic work has been done. I'm told this is to do with changing fluid that has been in the cylinder for years. Dunno, but I know it can happen.

Oh, and check the pipework from the master cylinder to the bellhousing for leaks and have someone press the clutch pedal while you watch the flexible part of the pipe. If it expands under the pressure, then it has failed and that is where your pedal travel is going.