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: Very good review of the 9-7x....

28th November 2005, 04:01 PM
I find this review of the 9-7x....there are some comments that I find very interesting, and how Saab is able to make very good and pleasent and fun to drive cars.

some details....

One surprising aspect that came to light within a few minutes behind the wheel: SAAB chassis and suspension engineers have done in two years what GM’s truck designers haven’t seem able to do in 10—give a GM mid-size SUV the handling and ride quality of a sports car without sacrificing the utility aspects of a frame-on-chassis truck

Irregularities are absorbed with ease keeping the 9-7X planted on the road and the occupants comfortable. SAAB’s luxo-sport-ute tracks down the road as if glued in the lane, and when you make a steering change, it responds—now.

Such performance comes not from major suspension changes but rather from attention to suspension detail and fine-tuning the parts that work in unison to provide both ride quality and handling

SAAB insiders say the chassis and suspension improvements will not be shared with their GM counterparts with the exception of the TrailBlazer SS, which will get some, but not all, of the upgrades. Too bad. )