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: 2.3 n/a hi-po specs...

17th January 2003, 03:04 PM
Bonjour everybody,

before "investing" money in my project (racing my 900S in a local touring series where turbos are not permitted)after searching some infos in how to gain a max. of HP'S (cylinder heads, intake, manifold, throtle body, K&N, free flow exhaust, etc...) l can obtain a ballpark figure of 200 hps (wich should be sufficient to give the honda boys a ride :D )

Then 2 days ago, a 15+ years experience mechanic told me that l will invariably keep on breaking my timming chain because of the hi revs (+/- 7000 rpm) the engine will have...Why l doubt his judgment? My thrust in him fadded a little when he told me his 9000 Racing aero (wich is very nice btw) with a 2.0 t is now way over 700 hps :roll: ..

Any of your 2 cents will be more than priceless (humm, l heard that somewhere...) to me ...THX in advance..

-Patrick Lavoie

18th January 2003, 11:35 PM
What year is his 9000 Aero? Unless it is a pre 1990 model it should be a 2.3L engine. It is unlikely that he has a 700 hp Aero but Saab did have a 750 hp Pikes Peak Viggen.

For tuning NA Saab's the guy to get in touch with is Michael Connolly, you can contact him through his website here, http://www.valhallaperformance.com here is a picture of his engine bay. I think he is putting out close to 300 hp. http://saabpics.nailed.org/albums/900S/meatball_smotor.sized.jpg

You can find more picture of his Saab here, http://saabpics.nailed.org/. Go to "User's Picture", then "New", then scroll down until you see the "Meatball" album about half way down.


19th January 2003, 10:40 AM
Eric, thank you for help. Mike Connelly looks like THE MAN l am looking for. Also you site is pretty helpful and well detailed for future work for mine (suspension, brakes).

Also thank you for using youe Saab for such a noble cause...Hauling the beer for the boys :D .

Merçi beaucoup -Patrick