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15th January 2003, 10:52 PM
I just recieved a Boost controler form Dawes devices. I was trying to install it and the directions are way simple. I found what I think are the vacume hoses. The connections on the device are way to large to fit on the controller, and I saw on Eric's saab site that the hoses are colored mine are black and they all goto a little black box weird. Do I need to purchase some new vacume hoses or return the controller? Any input would be greatly apprciated.

16th January 2003, 11:00 PM
I figured out errr. . . read the instructions and found that all I needed to do was goto shucks for some vacuum tubing. I spent 3 minutes putting it in (instructions on eric's site). I turned the car on and made sure it didnt go bang. Went for a little drive and found it was set lower than stock. No problem there just pull over and thighten the controller a wee bit, got back in the car and found it was about the same as before. Well got back out of the car twisted it a little bit more and holy ****!!!!! Found that the ecu does t job and cuts off fuel to the engine if theres too much boost. Thats ok. Just turned it down a wee bit and damn, my car flies. Before it put it in my car barley went past the line into the red, not its pushin on the end of the red. For 45.32 its a damn fine modification that I would recommend to anyone interested in achieving performance from their saabs. :D

Tweek's Turbos
17th January 2003, 01:39 PM
I'm guessing you did'nt order the delux kit right? Thats why you had to pic up ur own hose? Whats the Temp in Seatle right now? I was planning on waiting till around late March to install mine, let the air warm up and thin out a bit.

17th January 2003, 09:04 PM
I have been hanging back from byeing a Dawn Device, I am
too paranoid about damaging the motor. Surely it is not goot to be running the turbo that High into the RED?

You may have to now give it more time to heat up and cool down when your done Boosting!

Also, It will be interesting to see if you get any ECU "Check Engine" Errors from the car running to "lean".

Any feadback welcome...WIll this increase the likelyhood of damaging the motor?

18th January 2003, 11:18 PM
A couple months ago they stopped supplying the hose with the Dawes Device, and it looks like they raised the price, so I will have to update my website. When you hit fuel-cut it is a bit of a shock, especially the first time you will think something went wrong.

Berniebgf - A manual boost controller such as the Dawes Device will not throw a check engine light. I have been using one for almost two years now and I have not had a single problem with it, and I know of dozens of other satisfied users. In regards to temperature I have an exhaust temp probe that measures after the turbo and I have seen temps as high as 1400 F. I know that this is well within the safety of the turbo because I have actually talked to the designer of the Saab Trionic system. I also have an upgraded ECU which will give me 21 psi of boost. I recently had my Saab dynoed and the air/fuel ratio was measure. It was dead on, actually running a little rich by redline. You can see my dyno sheet below along with my boost gauge. Keep in mind that all of this is on a moderately modified Saab producing 242 hp at the crank.



20th January 2003, 10:46 AM
Hey guys, where is the best place to purchase one of these animals? I need one ASAP........... thanks

24th January 2003, 04:38 PM
Ordered! SHould be getting it today......Hey ERP about how many turns did you have to go before fuel cut off?

Give me an idea, about how much will I have to turn it, to really feel it?

25th January 2003, 03:20 PM
I've also got a Dawes MBC (on my '95 900se), but I"ve been having a problem. If I do a quick down shift, (for the corners) my boost seems to be unregulated and shoots up to 20psi! But while I accelerate from a stop it stays where I first adjusted it to (10psi). Is this just spiking or something that's much more serious? The hose from my compression housing goes to the long nipple of my MBC, then from the elbow-nipple the hose goes to the wastegate. Nothing has been cut or unused. And yes sometimes the pressure flies up to about 20psi, but usually the fuel cut off jolts my car around 15. I have noticed a kink in my boost gauge pressure line and i'll keep you updated once I fix it. Thanks.

25th January 2003, 05:12 PM
dasaabguy - The MBC is not calibrated so there is no reference point to base the number of turns on. You have to use the fuel cut to tune it. It's easy and takes 15-30 minutes depending on luck. It also depends on temperature and you will find yourself redialing it a few times a year. With colder temps the air is denser and so you will hit fuel cut off as temps fall.

95turbo - Are you sure that it spikes to 20 psi? Are you using a bleeder or a hack on the MAP sensor? Is the MBC tapped at the compressor housing?

25th January 2003, 05:58 PM
having done a couple of these, i'd heartily recommend you install a boost gauge first-easy if you use erp's instructions.the other problem is likely to be with insurance-if you dont tell them and you need to claim,they may well void your policy.here in oz there is ,fortunately, a company which will insure modified cars like ours.
for any aussie modifiers i'd recommend the turbosmart mbc-its only ~$100 A and has a knob to attach boost -rather than needing a screwdriver
just my 2c
only thing left to do is the viggen ic ( have to wait till fellowship exam passed!)
mbc is the best single thing you can do to these cars other than getting rid of body roll!

10th February 2003, 06:04 PM
Hey do you guys find yourselves re-adjusting your MBC at night time/ daytime(depending if you have your MBC set for daytime temps)

Mine is currently set for daytime California sunny weather (85 to 90 degrees) but when it gets cold at nights around 50 degrees, my Saab reaches fuel cut-off at WOT!

Does the colder air at nights cause this to happen?

Does anyone have the same problems.......or am I just retarded?