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: 94 Aero Manual choked and stalled after high speed run

2nd October 2005, 10:57 AM
Hello All!

I decided to take the areo out for a drive in the highway and see how fast it could take me... well i hit 80 mph and got scared of being pulled over so i eased down slowly to normal speeds... as i was going up an off ramp my car started choking a bit.. i tried pressing down the accelerator and it wouldnt go... i shifted to 3rd from 5th and it was definitely going to stall.. so i managed to get the car to the shoulder and waited a bit.. i took out the DI cassete and checked the plugs.. looked good... now i tried to give her a go and she did... but after a few minutes it started choking again and i pulled over next to a gas station... and that was it it would not start again i tried several times even put a galon of gas to make sure its not a lack of fuel issue, but i had to pull it to my uncles house.

The engine would turn over so the battery and alternator is good i suppose... all vac hoses are good i just changed them... fuel filter was just replaced... i was running low on gas as well.. actually getting near to the red line... is this a DI cassete issue or a Fuel Pump related matter?

FYI. after letting it sit in the driveway for an hour it ran and i was able to drive it around... but i am afraid it will stall on me before i get home which is 30 miles away...

thanks for your input.

3rd October 2005, 07:17 AM
Put some fuel in it, at least 1/4 tank.

Does it have TCS?

80mph is not fast for an Aero, it is in the power band of 3rd gear, you got two more gears to go... So your fast driving did not hurt it, might have caused a vacum hose to come off as it had a short dose of real boost. Check them all.

3rd October 2005, 03:07 PM
KevinC - nope it does not have TCS... the car is ticking from the cam followers and i might have to change the timing chain... i will be checking the tensioner this weekend so i'm not pushing the car at all till i sort those out first.. this is the second time this happened... the first time i had enough fuel... i also hit past 80 mph and it did choke a little but did not die out on me... i was told that it could be a vacum leak from the fuel pump and there might have been some air that got into the fuel system to cause such a response (there is petrol smell when i fill up the tank)

9th October 2005, 07:16 PM
80 is nothing for the aero. i hit 110 regularly in my cse without a problem. sounds like it might have a firing or ignition problem.