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: Rear shock brace for '87 9000 Turbo installed

8th January 2003, 04:44 PM
I installed a temporary brace between the rear shock towers after having cracks in the wheel wells welded. I cannot say it makes a telltale difference in the way it feels, but I certainly feel more confident knowing the rear end is more solid. It was quite a simple affair also as I just used a 1/4" thick piece of flat iron, drilled a couple of holes in it for the top of the shocks and mounted it.

The handling is so much more improved! I had a bit of fun last night on a twisty road and never got close to any tire squeal with the new Yokohama's I'm running up front! :cheesy: And this was at speeds of 15-20 mph above what I used to be able to do!

Now on to getting some other things in tip-top shape.

Tom R.