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: Did I cook the motor?

29th September 2005, 11:16 AM
Hey everyone... so my 95 9K broke the alternator/water pump/ everything belt last night @ like 4:00 am. Which sucks cause I am a young poor broke colege student. Anyway... I drove it like 30 miles on highway with broken belt before realizing what happened this morning. I did not see signs of overheating no steam no temp gage wackiness... did I cook the motor? If not how much will it cost to replace this belt roughly and is it tricky to do?


29th September 2005, 12:18 PM
Less than a hundred I'd say (I have no idea how much the belt costs)- if you replace it yourself... Serpentines are very much a DIY job... relieve the tensioner with a breaker bar, and reroute the new belt, ta da! (I noticed the tensioner on mine was hydraulic... so "relief" of the tension should go slowly... don't force, or you'll strip the head on the nut...)
As far as cooking the motor goes... how'd you "notice" the belt was broken? Battery die? Engine seize? :o Perhaps lack of power steering/brakes? The more catastrophic the "noticing," perhaps the more catostrophic the damage... just a hunch.

As a fellow college student, I would say fix it yourself! You like your car more that way... :D

29th September 2005, 01:01 PM
My belt came off as the idler bearing seized, and I drove for 10 miles like this. Unfortunately this was on a great straightaway on the autobahn at night, so I was going terminal velocity most of the time. Car overheated!!!

DI roasted, therm. melted, head warped, lucky the block did not go. Hope you are luckier. Not cheap to fix. Cheap fix is to swap a simial junk-yard engine, but you need to supply LOTS of your own or other's cheap labor or it will cost.

Good luck!