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: Is a kickass n/a engine possible?

4th January 2003, 08:53 PM
Bonjour to you all,

This question was probably asked zillions of time ( l know it was on the vol*o board), but is there any way to upgrage performance on a non-turbo engine? l have the opportunity to buy a '94 900S and i want to transform it in a race car for the Québec touring GT championship.Rules are not allowing turbo engine :cry: and displacement over 2.8 litre.

Can we stroke those engines?

Any perf. headers and exhaust in the aftermarket?

Would swapping for a V6 would do it(not knowing the displacement or available hps on that engine..)? :oops:

Is there some sport suspensionÉbrakes kits
available anywhere?

Since l drove my buddy 2001 viggen, l'm hooked on these cars.(l know, i know, they deliver too much power to the front wheels, but to me there is no such thing as "too much power")
thanks in advance...

Jeremy R.
5th January 2003, 04:04 AM
There's a guy over on Saabnet who has a normally aspirated 900S called Meatball that he's got putting out way over 300 hp. I don't know exactly what he's done to it, but if you go over to Saabnet and search for "Meatball" on the NG900 board, you might find something. I don't think he's ever given many specifics, though. I'm not sure about stroking it, because the 2.3 liter is more or less a stroked version of the 2.0 liter. I think it would be better to modify the 4-cylinder than to put in a V-6. There are too many reliability problems with the V-6. and not many upgrades, although a couple of guys from Europe have said that Vauxhall used that engine in a car or two and upgrades exist for them.