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: di cassette how long do they last ?

ylee coyote
31-12-02, 03:39 AM
Aeromonster dropped on to three cylinders on the way home last night ,only 35 k on the di ...How long do these things last ?I hope (and pray )that this is the prob but these things should last longer..

31-12-02, 04:03 AM
It is possible but I would be very surprised. From the cases that I've heard, life expectancy is related gapping of spark plugs. Shame you live so far away as my DI is virtually new and a swap could eliminate this possibility.

As you know though, the obvious first step is to check plugs.


ylee coyote
31-12-02, 04:39 AM
plugs checked ...ok
di I guess...although it has 35-40 k on it it is only 8 mnths old :cry:
(it has had a hard life though!!)