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: 1997 9000CD ECO LPT Auto - ABS Problem

28th December 2002, 12:43 PM
I've recently bought a 9000CD LPT Auto (2.0i) and have noticed the ABS warning light comes on when I start from cold & will stay on until & I stop & restart the engine. This has happened off & on over the last few days, but this morning the ABS operated when I was stopping (slowly) at a junction from about 20mph. I suspect a dodgy sensor connection somewhere, anyone know which one(s) usually give problems? The car has a 6-month warranty, which will cover work up to 500 a time, so if anything expensive is going wrong I'll need to get it fixed soon. Other than that the car is perfect, she has a full Saab service history for all of her 59k miles. As I haven't got a handbook (dealer is getting one), can anyone with a similar model tell me whether the brake fluid should have been changed at one of the earlier services?

ylee coyote
28th December 2002, 03:48 PM
sounds like a relay problem....
a tech 2 at the saab dealer will confirm there are also other independants with this equipment two stroke to turbo do and specialise to some extent on abs probs
btw a relay is a bout 70 !!! luckily you have a warranty !