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: chipping the diesel? yes or no?

28th December 2002, 09:03 AM
Hello all,

A some of you may know I have a '98 2.2 tid 115 hp.
I'm wondering if there's is anyone out there who has alreadt done this. I know of mark anderson, but that's about it.
Also is there much difference between the tuners (Abbott,Hirsch, speedparts,...)



28th December 2002, 02:53 PM
You don't have much choice in the saab tuner end...

It's either Hirsch or Abbott.

For the 115 version :
The abbott box takes your car up to 150hp and 320NM of torque.
The hirsch upgrade takes your car up to 148hp and 300NM of torque.

For the 125 version(new generation TiD) :
The abbott box takes the car up to circa 155hp and 340NM of torque.
There is no hirsch upgrade available

I have the new generation diesel engine, so only an upgrade from Abbott was available (it's different than for yours).. and that's whats fitted to my car.. (among other things.)

I've written a review of my car at the website... then DRIVEN.

And how my car has developed at the same site under TECH then PROJECTS.

There are upgrades also available from Tuningbox (a Belgian tuner: Hermann tuning)

But I've also dealt with them when my car was introduced and they sold me an upgrade that they swore was tested on the 125hp version.. and it turned out they didn't even know that the engine had been revised with new Turbo, new fuel pump and new ecus etc from 2001. Scarey! And their website is completely wrong regarding the Saab TiDs...!

Anyway they claim to give 140hp and 315NM of torque on the older TiD engine.

There used to be upgrades from Superchips too.. but no longer...

I recommend the Hirsch or Abbott route but be aware that there will be more soot and smoke from the exhaust, so a downfacing sports exhaust is a good idea!..

I've currently got a Saab sports exhaust and JR performance filter fitted, but with the abbott upgrade swtiched on (It's switchable) it produces a little too much smoke with a horizontal facing exhaust.

28th December 2002, 06:07 PM
Hello Mark,

Speedparts has one too for the diesel, although the upgrade isen't that impressive.
Since I will have the viggen bodykit fitted next year I don't know if a downfacing exhaust is the way to go.

Anoter thing, since there is more smoke from the engine does this mean that it harms the engine?


28th December 2002, 07:02 PM
These systems work by asking the diesel pump to increase diesel fueling (called over fueling).. the extra diesel causes extra smoke because the EGR system (exhaust gas recirc) system can't cope with re-burning the extra soot made. Doesn't harm engine, but doesn't make your shiny silver Saab look too good either after 400kms in the rain, with the back black...