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: Looking @ 9000 Griffin Ed. Have already read buyers guides.

22nd December 2002, 01:58 AM
Hello, I am currently looking at a used Saab 9000 Griffin Edition. The kid who is selling it used it to commute between Utah and Texas several times, so it has high miles--170,000. We looked at it today but were unable to drive it--he is selling it because he lives in the city and does not need a car any more, so the battery was dead.

The car is cosmetically in great shape. The interior isn't perfect but it is in dang good shape for 170,000 miles. There are NO tears in the suede but the dash does have a nasty crack down the center.

I asked if he has ever had transmission probelms--I know it's a weak spot. He said no. I asked how many miles it had when he purchased it, he could not remember "A lot less" was his reply.

There is a problem with it...he thought it had to do with the engine, but after some logical reasoning...I have decited that it is more likely to be the exaust. He said it is LOUD when driving it...I could rotate the tailpipe/muffer nearly 45 degrees--not a good sign.

Money he is taking it to THE Saab shop in town to get repair estimates. Tuesday I think we'll go back and get to drive it this time.

I had hesitated to post as usually the reply to threads like these is "Read the buyers guide" but this is quite the judgement call, so help me make it.

This is what I am thinking:
If the transmission has been replaced and it gets a relatively good bill of health take it.
If the transmission has not been replaced it is probably about to go out...better not buy it.

What do YOU think? What specifically should I look for/ask specifically when we go back?

OH, BTY--it's Griffin Edition 172 of 400 ;)

22nd December 2002, 07:37 AM
I can't argue with your logic, if the tranny is about to go leave it alone or haggle down to a ridiculous price such that the cost of getting the box rebuilt will not seem such a great expense. Other things to look out for..

Noisey engine chains; the timing chain and balance shaft chains should have been replaced at around 150K. If not this is quite a big job, in the UK this job can cost well over 1K.
Traction Control Units; these are often a problem on pre-1995 cars, make sure that the TCS light goes out once the engine has been running 30 seconds or so. Around 900 for a throttle body on a car with TCS!
Kickdown motor; a byproduct of the electronic throttle, if these fail it can cost around 1500 to replace.

Hope this helps.