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: tyre sizes?

24-07-05, 12:12 PM
hi again just a quick question about tyre sizes. i decided to replace 2 tyres on my carlsson 1993 but on checking tyre sizes on the car i have 2@205/55/16 and 2@205/50/16 which is the correct size for this model and has any body got any recomendations
many thanks

24-07-05, 01:15 PM
The 55 will give a more compliant ride than the 50 but loose out in ultimate cornering grip, I'd say it's personal taste I use 55's on mine :D

25-07-05, 09:08 AM
so, will 205/50/16 work on 16x7.5 rims for a 1997 9k? i currently have 15s mounted and want new 16" rims. i already have a set of 4 Dunlop SP Sport W-10 tires in this size with tread left. would prefer to use them up...

25-07-05, 12:23 PM
saab used differant tyre profile depending on the model

CS @ CD used the 55 profile whilst the early 9000 used the 50 profile on 15" rims, on 16" rims both the early 9000 and the CD used the 50 profile but the CS used the 55, confused ? :roll:

25-07-05, 12:40 PM
how about a CSE? i think i am currently running 55 series...