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: Random Questions from newbie.

Tweek's Turbos
14th December 2002, 08:33 PM
Hi all, I introduced myself over at the lounge and have posted under my real name on Saabnet.

I have found Eric's website quite helpfull and have some questions specifically regarding the Aero TD-04 turbo.

How hard is it to port a new Manifold to the oval shape needed for the Exhaust intake on the TD?

Has anybody ever ground the outside of one down smooth and polished? Possible? How does it look?

What should a good used TD-04 run and what exactly can I expect out of it without any ECU reprograming? I intend to Install a 3"Dp and BPV after Christmas, and the Dawes once the weather turns nice. I have some bodywork to do upfront so I wont think of the Viggen IC till its ready to be done.

15th December 2002, 01:09 PM
Tweek - The tough part is finding a used TD04 from a 9000 Aero. I've called around to several large Saab junkyards and they have all said that they don't see many Aeros. Porting the exhaust manifold is not too difficult, but you also need new water and oil lines for the TD04.

I think that a better solution is to have the stock T25 turbo upgraded to a full T28. You send it to a company like http://www.turbochargers.com/ and they will port out the turbine and compressor housings and install larger wheels. The cost would be about the same or a little more than the TD04, but it is a lot easier and quicker to do.


Tweek's Turbos
15th December 2002, 01:45 PM
Thanks Eric, interestig idea. The problem exists that the car is my daily driver and I cant remove the turbo and wait for the work to be done. I never got around to calling Goldwing wich is nearby here. So dont even know what they have yet. Your site mentioned a T3-T4 Hybrid, do you have any data on that set up. Again I probably wont be doing this upgrade for a while. I just want to find out the cold hard facts before I start tracking things down. Is it safe to guess the water and oil lines can connect into factory sites on the engine? Its just a matter of putting the lines from point A to point B right? Just finding the right sizes. and putting them together. Ill drop turbochargers.com an email and see if they have the mod you described in stock.

Tweek's Turbos
18th December 2002, 08:11 PM
Eric, I was told that a smaller TD-04 from a 2001 9-3 SE would work a bit better, less lag then the larger Aero version. Turbochargers Emailed me wanted the Turbo number which I supplied to them, maybe they ment something else. They should be emailing back soon. BTW, I have the oportunity to pick up the smaller TD-04 around next week for $475, so long as I can drag up the $$. Do you need it by any chance?

18th December 2002, 10:39 PM
Thanks for the offer Tweek, but I need a larger turbo that will push all the way to redline. The 9-3 TD04 is not much larger than the T25. I actually would like some turbo lag because it is very easy to spin the wheels in first and second gear. It only takes a little more than 50% throttle in first gear to break traction. Plus upgrading my turbo to a T28 is a lot easier than installing a TD04 and all the new oil/water lines.

In regards to your earlier post about the T3/T4 I would not recommend it due to the large amount of work required. New exhaust holes need to be drilled in the manifold, a new downpipe must be made, oil lines must be constructed and the reverse locking mechanism must be disengaged so that a turbo timer can be installed. The guy who did the upgrade got the parts for cheap and could work at a friends garage for free.


Tweek's Turbos
19th December 2002, 04:55 PM
The only problem I'm running into was a fairly clueless email back from Turbochargers.com. I told them T25 and the whole porting/bigger wheels idea, then they just asked me what the turbo number was. So I'm waiting for a reply from a few other companys. Is a T-28 fitted for a Saab something I can pick up outright?