: great forum and car buying advise

18th July 2005, 02:59 AM
man this is a great forum. My new forum www.cadillacforums.com (http://www.cadillacforums.com) where i can talk about my cts is boring.
www.camaroz28.com (http://www.camaroz28.com) was useful but not nearly as fun as this forum. i think people who drive saab's are cooler people. at least more logical...

anyway...i know i haven't made any great personal relationships here but people are friendly and i'm glad to have been apart of it. i will get a 9-3 aero ss for my wife...when we can afford to get rid of her ranger. which by the way is belly up...6 years paying 350 a month, her dad refinanced it 3 times..he's a doctor makes great money. overpaying on this car...for those payments we could put her in a linear easy.

i'm going to sugguest he let us take it in to saab, tell the guy we want a "smart buy or a lease dosen't matter b/c we are budgeted for payments so a lease is fine. less cost to drive a vehicle. take in the ranger tell him we can pay 350 a month like we pay now, get enough money for the ranger to pay it off and drive away in a demo linear or new linear for 3 years.. think it can be done? or we drive the ranger for a while, it only has 30,000 miles its a 2001. drive it for 2 years pay it off and then have no payment till it dies and we buy a new car?

18th July 2005, 04:14 AM
Usually it’s more moneysaving to drive a car to its death if the service is done properly...

BUT!!! How fun is it? A ranger isn't the most glorious car to drive. My father has a Chevrolet Suburban, a Ford Excursion and a Volvo XC70 in his company. IMO none is entertaining to drive. My mother in law has a '74 SAAB 96. Damn that's a funny car to manoeuvre :D . My father in law bought my old SAAB 9000i from 1990. And that car "talks" to me much more than a brand new Volvo.

This weekend a relative to my wife came over with his SAAB 90 from 1986. That car isn't well served I promise you :evil: . It haven't seen an oil can for at least 50.000 km. But it talks to me (with a lot of uncomfortable noise and mechanical sound that shouldn’t be there) with the groovy sound of a Saabs four cylinder non turbo 2.0 litres engine).

Anyhow, the answer is within you. What would you like your wife to drive? What would you like to drive your self? The answer wouldn’t be the Ford I guess…By posting here you have already told us what you want!

If you can get that deal with the dealer, you really should give it a thought.

Good luck to you!