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: Correct Idle speed?

Richard Bremner
11th December 2002, 10:13 AM
Can anyone please advise the correct idle speed for an automatic 9000 D direct ignition turbo engine. I have only owned the car for 5 months & recently put it in for service at the local SAAB dealer. When I bought the car it idled at approx 750 R.P.M.which gave the car engine braking I.E. if you took your foot right off the accelerator for about 1 second, the car would change down a gear & slow up. Since the sevice & 2 extra attempts to get the same performance, the car now idles at approx 950 R.P.M. & when you take your foot off the pedal you just coast on forever - just like an old Ford.The mechanic involved has supposedly just completed an additional training course on tuning SAABs.

Any help appreciated

11th December 2002, 11:05 AM
Welcome to SaabCentral, Richard.

You don't say which year, but with DI I'm guessing you have Trionic engine management. In that case, it should be 850 +/- 50 RPM. I haven't got the spec. in front of me for pre-Trionic, but I think it should be similar or the same.

Idle speed on Trionic is not adjustable. Not sure whether it is for earlier DI cars. A possible cause of incorrect idle speed (or idle speed being slow to settle) is an idle control valve in need of cleaning. See here ( for the procedure.