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: 9-3 Viggen intercooler or sport exhaust first??

11-12-02, 01:13 AM
I can do one right now....which is the better bang for the buck?

Thanks, Al

11-12-02, 11:09 AM
I would go with the Viggen Intercooler the performance gains are a little greater, 10-12 hp over the 7-8 hp of the exhaust. What other mods have you done? Have you performed any of the low cost mods I list on my website?


11-12-02, 04:22 PM
Why on Earth would you upgrade an intercooler before an exhaust? You might get more power out of the intercooler now but in the long run no...that new intercooler is going to make you want to crank up the boost which the stock exhaust will not be able to handle. If you do the exhaust now you can bump up the boost a little a be okay, you don't super heat the turbo or any of that business.

12-12-02, 03:51 AM
I would say go for the Intercooler as well as it will increase mid-range power and give improved pickup.

Jeremy R.
12-12-02, 01:28 PM
I'll second (or third) doing the intercooler first. It made much more of an improvement than the exhaust did, which I changed out several months later. My car's ECU and turbocharger are both stock, and I love the improvement. If you haven't ground off the lip from the throttle body transition casting, do that before anything else. I was amazed at the effect that had.

13-12-02, 06:40 PM
I fourth the intercooler first! :cheesy:

It makes your Saab run a bit cooler ! :wink:

13-12-02, 09:09 PM
Went ahead and ordered the intercooler yeaterday from Taliaferro. Should be here Monday....can't wait to get it on. Also ordered an MBC, so this thing should hopefully get on with it a bit quicker by next week. Thanks for all of the advice!