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: Overboost? Oil Surge?

6th December 2002, 11:06 AM
As you may know I've got a my1992 9000 CD 2.3 Turbo Auto Griffin.
I got it MOT'd yesterday, new brakes fitted (Trent Saab Stage 2 - Brembo grey iron discs all round and Ferodo DS2500 racing pads), and at the same time a big service.
Which consisted of the following :
New oil (Shellc Helix Ultra Fully Synthetic), plus filter and sump washer.
New fuel filter.
New air filter element.
Throttle body cleaned.
Cooling system drained, check hoses, and refilled with coolent.
New spark plugs - NGK BCPR7ES-11 gapped to 1.1mm.
New DI Cassette and DI Cassette wiring harness.
When I was bedding in the brakes on one of the acceleration runs I selected 3 instead of D on the Auto box and closed the throttle, as the car accelerated the Turbo boost gauge showed boost all the way into the middle of the red zone and then the car kinda 'sneezed' and pushed the boost back into middle of the yellow.
I tried it again in 3, and the car did the same thing again.
In D it would boost to where it should - the beginning of the broken line on the gauge.
My question - What happened there? The car, engine wise is standard, the TCS system did not engage, and I wasn't at REV limiter because I was only at around 5000 rpm when it happened.
Also, when on my last braking runs the big speed full-on stops.. just as the car nearly stops, the oil light blinks on.. considering that the oil is new and at the correct level.. is this normal ? Never seen this before on my 9-3 when braking hard.