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: help, turbo coversion

5th December 2002, 08:48 PM
I've got a 1995 900se (2.0L turbo) and I found a turbo conversion kit on Abbot Racing for a 70hp increase. My questions are will it be worth the money and how do you think my otherwise stock car (with 145k on it) will hold up?
Any suggestions of upgrades are welcome. Thanks.

Abbott 900
6th December 2002, 04:17 AM
I have a 250bhp Abbott converted 1997 900se convertible. All the work was completed in the Abbott Racing workshops. My car has only done 54K miles.

The power upgrade makes a whole load of difference, the trouble is trying to avoid wheelspin, I have 205 tyres on 17 inch rims and under full throttle wheelspin will still happen in second gear in the dry... Third gear in the wet. My next plans may be for a Limited Slip Diff, as this may sort some of this out.

My car has also had bigger brakes and full suspension kit fitted, I wouldn't recommend adding the extra power without sorting the handling first.

What are you getting in the kit for the extra 70bhp?

6th December 2002, 10:23 PM
The major parts included in the turbo kit include a TD04 turbocharger about $1900 (w/out installation). With a about $1000 more the kit includes a highflow intercooler and trionic upgrade. Although it may be expensive to ship it from England.
But I think before I add that much more power I should probably add little things (other than suspension) like a hyperboost valve and exhaust. Have you done any thing like that?

6th December 2002, 11:58 PM
Yes, if you get all that you are definitely going to need a new exhaust. If you don't DIY, it's going to cost you a fortune to have that fitted. What is the boost increase (stock is .75 bar?)

9th December 2002, 05:36 AM
To be honest I wouldnt want a frontwheel drive car to make much more than 150-160 kW ( whatever that is in hp)-Ive just got my second 900set and have put a better muffler ( the stock piping has ok diameter but way too many bends) and boost controller-> now running hapilly at 10-11 lb.Even this is a bit of a handful and I havent driven it in the rain yet!
Having come from a 4wd turbo car ( a galant vr4) the difference is huge ( and not in the saabs favour).I have bought a saab roadholding kit ( new struts/swaybars) and I agree with the prev 'poster' that should spend money on simpler things before forking out lots on horspower.
just my 2cents (equal to your 1c)
sydney aust