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: Performance from my GM900 nonTurbo

4th December 2002, 08:15 PM
Ok, I have a 1996 900s without turbo. I'm new to the car, and Saabs in general, and was wondering what I can do that will legitimately increase HP. The mods I was wondering about were:

Superchip, 2.5in exhaust, boring out the converter, port and polishing the throttlebody, a cold air intake system (if anybody makes one), using synthetic oil, and replacing the plugs and wires.

Will any of these things do anything for me?

Please help me, this is my first saab......

4th December 2002, 10:01 PM
Well, the smart ***** answer is to get new pistons with a 12.5:1 CR and pour a bottle of rubbing alcohol in with each tank :o

You'll probably notice something if you do everything on your list, but for comparison it won't be close to a stock turbo.

Another thing would be to slap a turbo on there and run it at 6-7 lbs depending on intercooler etc. Now that would be fast, but also expensive. You'd probably have to go to a stand alone ems as well.

I hate to sound like "everyone else" but HP on a nat-asp Saab is very expensive and requires much work.