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: Check Engine light stays on!

3rd December 2002, 10:42 PM
My 95' 9000CS, just bought 6 weeks ago. Check Engine light began to stay on after I start the car today and kept staying on every time. Does that indicate a serious problem about the engine?
The engine sometimes(not frequently) get vibrating and then go smoothly.

I need some advices before going to have it checked. Does it cost alot to fix it?



14th March 2003, 06:55 PM
Hi i have the same problem and just had my car in saab and the check engine is a fault that leaves a code the light staying on indicates a over or under fueling problem down to faulty lambda sensor on the exahust not a problem for you lucas and german and swedish do one for around 50 mines a bit worse i am getting smoke well i thought it was smoke till this morning after a call to abbott racing i found out the lambda sensor is getting wet due to my head gasket being blown but if you have no water loss or smoke ect then its just a faulty lambda sensor easy job its on the exahust b4 the cat just unplug screw it out and bobs ur uncle
hope this helps
ps if you nead more advice pm me if you nead

19th March 2003, 05:19 PM
I also had the same problem on my CSE 2.3T auto. I took it into the local approved dealership this morning, they ran it through the diagnostics, and came up with absolutely nothing; so they flushed the warning code, and gave me the car back. Cost me the best part of GBP60, but better safe than sorry.

They also quoted me 180 to fix the broken cruise control activation switch. :roll:

Anyway, the manual suggests that it may be a problem with the fuel injection system, so do take it in to get checked out. See if you can find one a tad cheaper than Currie Motors in Wimbledon :lol:

7th April 2009, 11:19 AM
Sound silly but it happened to my 9-3 1999 once.
I realized that I was putting a little cheaper synthetic blend motor oil...
Once I replaced it with Mobil I synthetic 10w-40 with the expensive oil filter, then it's gone. This is sensitive issue also about the sludge problem in the engine, so be careful.

7th April 2009, 01:12 PM
The owners manual must be read by the owners, not pitched and lost....But it can be improved a ton....I think the newer ones are even worse.....not nearly as good as the owners manual for my old Saab 96...

The CEL system should a lot better explained.. And the dealers should not be allowed to charge so much just to read the codes...
Things can be better...

Do have the codes read...sometimes Autozone can do this for $0.0, but they do want to sell you something....this is only right...

Do "check your oil", and use the right oil, NOT the cheapest....
The oil has nothing to do with the CEL or the OBD II system..
Peruse the OBD II site, its interesting and informative.