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: InCar Entertainment problems

1st December 2002, 03:11 PM
Hi all, new lister here with a couple of questions for all you sages out there.Just bought a '91 9000s Turbo. The original (I believe) sound system is playing up. I have a Phillips Rad/Cas and Phillips Cd Player fitted. The LED display on the radio does not work and the sound is crackly and intermittant to say the least. CD Player seems to woek fine although the sound is not too good really. Also the radio will only work if the CD player is on, is that right? Should the baclkights not be at all times even with the units turned off? Makes turning the damn thing on in the dark fun to say the least. Atre these faults common to the '9000 setup?
Any clues before I leap in and try to fix a problem that has been well documented here or elsewhere will be gratefully receieved.