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: Exhaust Opionions Jetex Versus Powerflow (1994 900 Turbo)

29th November 2002, 09:22 AM
I'm in pretty desparate need of a new exhuast as mine's just started blowing (MY94 900 turbo). After having disregarded an abbott system due to price (700 for cat back system), my only other options seem to be Jetex or Powerflow.

I want a slight increase in noise as the standard 900 box seems to be silent, but i dont want it to boom on the motorway. I guess power increases will be small but comparable for either system.

They're both about the same price (300), the only difference seems to be opinions regarding the noise. The guy at the powerflow garage warned me that due to limited space a Saab system would be very noisy (this was a max power type garage so they must mean *Really* noisy! A freind also warned me off jetex saying they were too quiet (possibly the same as standard). So i guess i'm after some better opinions really, any takers?