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: 2.0LPT tuning ideas

18th November 2002, 05:43 AM
Hi all,

I have just switched from my old '90 9000CD 2.0T to '98 9000CSE 2.0t Ecopower Anniversary (light pressure turbo). The car is brilliant - mint condition and only 50K miles on clock.

But I'm sligthly unhappy with it's perfomance compared to my old 9K.

I was wondering if anybody has experience tuning these engines. I've checked out Ecopower upgrades from Abbot Racing that are said to deliver around 190hp? Is it really achived by just replacing the chip? Or are there any alternatives?


18th November 2002, 07:12 AM
The LPT is mechanically the same as your 2.0 full turbo was (or would be if it had the older B202 engine). The turbo is the same as was used in the 2.0T and the only difference is that your engine management system doesn't provide boost control. All you need is a Trionic upgrade and a boost control valve (the wiring is already there) and you can have 190hp. The older engines with less sophisticated control could produce up to 180hp, so 190hp with a more advanced control system does not stretch the imagination at all.

Alternatively, you could fit a manual boost controller. However, this leaves you without much of the knock protection that the "proper" upgrade will give you as the control system cannot reduce boost pressure to cope with knock, and this could lead to engine damage. For this reason, I don't like MBCs and wouldn't use one on my cars.

18th November 2002, 07:39 AM
Agree with everything Bill said. You could go down the Speedparts route as I did with my 2.3: trionic upgrade, JR filter and APC solenoid giving you 226hp :o on a 2.0LPT. Cost comes in at around 450 depending on exchange rate &c, &c 8) . The UK importer is http://www.elkparts.com and you can follow the link from their site. Once at Speedparts follow the "Produckter" link then "Uppgraddering". You're looking for 9000 2.0 LTT 94-.


Jo K
19th November 2002, 10:12 PM
I think Maptun offer an upgrade for the 2.0 lpt, to 220hp with a chip alone, and then to 235hp with a 3" downpipe. That's quite a bit higher than Abbott; take it all with a grain of salt or two...

...could be better bang for buck than Abbott though.

Also check Nordic and SQR...

20th November 2002, 03:18 AM
I think Maptun offer an upgrade for the 2.0 lpt, to 220hp with a chip alone IIRC the later LPTs all had intercoolers and no APC solenoid. So Maptun, or anyone else, will have to supply the solenoid to make their ECU operate above base boost. I'm fairly sure it's in the Maptun package. When I was looking into upgrading I found Maptun's prices pretty similar to Speedparts.
...could be better bang for buck than Abbott though. :D certainly will be.