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: New 1991 Saab 9000S 2.3L owner with some questions

17th November 2002, 09:14 PM
I've had this car on the road for a few weeks now and all is well, except a few minor annoyances with some trivial and not so trivial things. First of all, I try to do as much work as possible on it, and so far it hasnít needed to go into the shop.

About 85% of the time the ABS light on the dash is on. Sometimes it flickers out, but itís very inconsistent and annoying. I'm going to have to assume that the ABS is not working when the light is on. Iím leaning towards a sensor problem somewhere in the front wheel wells. Could anyone shed some light on this matter?

Sometimes the car starts up hard, takes longer to turn over than usual. When this happens, I look at my battery charge on the computer and its below 10 volts. No lights were left on that I can tell, what could be draining the battery, or am I leaning in the wrong direction yet again. Could it be starter related?

One of the lenses on the fog lights is cracked, I ordered Bosch replacement lenses, but low and behold, they are too small. Does the 1991 9000's need Hella lenses as someone recommended to me?

The previous owner installed Xenon head lights, but really did a doozy of a job, so now the whole right head light assembly appears to be not as tight as it should and can be moved by the slightest touch. Can anyone provide any hints on how to tighten them up?

The lights on the dash that indicate which door is open and closed, or ajar seem to be malfunctioning to some degree. The front passenger door light always indicates that itís open. But when you actually open the door, it says itís closed. Any chance on me fixing this?

The most right most rear portion of the trunk leaks water when it rains a lot. Any hints on how to seal this up?

Can anyone recommend good tires for all season use, I live in New England and we see our fair share of snow in the winter, but in the summer itís really nice. The tires on it now will cut it for this winter, but I was hoping on getting some recommendations on some excellent all year tires.

If anyone could enlighten me or offer any advice I would be grateful. Thank you my fellow Saabers.

24th November 2002, 12:30 AM
Wheel sensor seems to be the typicla problem with ABS. There have been ohter posts on this subject so if you search these Forums you should eb able to find more comprehensive information on this subject.

How old is your battery?

The boot leak could be a blocked drain hole?

If you don't already have one, a 9000 workshop manual would be a good investment. You can purchase them from our 'SaabShop'