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: UK biggest SAAB market

26th April 2005, 08:01 AM
Incredible that the UK is now the strongest market for SAAB worldwide, including sweden and USA!
Is there something to learn from this?
What's gone right here?
Firstly SAAB UK have understood the tax breaks and company car set-up in UK which used to price SAABs off the forecourt of major corporate car parks - the company car is still a major perk in the UK - we now have a range of competitively priced diesel engines in attractive BMW 3-series sized, highly spec-d cars with decent warranties - in this respect the GM badge has done no harm in lowering some parts costs and servicing times.

As for USA, gaz-guzzling has never been a concern, so is it the sheer competitiveness in the market, or the loss of 'quirkiness' that has damaged sales? I suspect as we all do, the USA really like the 'cool' swedish branding, but his has been so diluted of late as to have become a liability - first stone others will throw if we dare to make mention of it!

Market by market, you guys got a handle on any other issues that hamper SAAB's development in your back yard?

By way of warning, the Rover MG collapse in UK this month shows where the indiginous car firm failed to keep pace with market requirements for fresh, efficient and reliable motors. Don't let SAAB go this way too!:nono;

26th April 2005, 12:20 PM
Just for fun of it ... let's blame the collapse on BMW ... then we can call them GMW?

95 Aero
27th April 2005, 02:13 AM
Yeah I heard this the other day when talking to a Saab salesman, sales up 30% so far this year. I think the 93ss has made a huge difference for Saab UK.
Saab has a good range of cars and its getting better over the next year with the new 93 SportWagon and so on :)

Do not want to see Saab go under though :cry:

27th April 2005, 05:05 AM
it's good news in some ways but it would be a shame to see them dive under. :cry:

27th April 2005, 07:47 AM
I think that Saab's ethanol cars will be the factor that pulls the sales up in Sweden, past UK. Because UK cant have them yet.

Saab in the USA is always good question, V6 and 9-7X will make some impact.

But its very interesting to see how long this UK momentum goes on, but I dont think that UK will be biggest market in 2007.

Dead Centre
27th April 2005, 08:32 AM
There are 4 saabs in the works car park.

My own 94 900 Turbo. A 95 900 injection also a 99 93 vert and a new 93 aero.

I work at a pr company and although I am the only Saab mad lets take em to bits for fun type of owner. The others Both Guys and girls feel the Saab badge fits there job and lifestyle??

Rather than have a Ford (UK) That all look the same down and up the range. Saab have a select car and a select look. It has stayed away from silly design angles and is simply a damn nice car. It also looks how a car should look. No daft front end or weird boot.

I feel this is reflected in Saabs UK pr campaign get a saab look at the rest of life. Share this life with a girl gee all is great.

Super I say.