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: A new Saab owner who needs help!

12th November 2002, 09:10 AM

I have just bought my very first Saab 9000CDi (XS?)with 92k on the clock. Its a 2l auto in metalic green. I paid 1750 for it - is that a reasonable amount? Its very clean and has Saab Dealer history with it from new.

Its a very comfortable drive and in a very good condition for a car thats 10yrs old. The auto gear box is silky smooth.
Unlike the Mondeo I nealry bought before seeing the Saab!

I have a few idiot questions to ask :-

1. The wiper over the drivers side Headlight does not work, is it an easy job to check/replace?

2. The EDU trip computer display does not seem to work. Its the simple version with an analogue clock and two buttons underneath. R and INFO. Pushing these appear to do nothing
to the display on my dashboard.The car still will function ok with out this, so ive been told, but id like to get it working. Any ideas?

3. Is there anywhere on the web that I can find out the spec of my new car - for example does it have SRS, ABS etc....

I look forward to reading any advice you can give me.

I plan to run the car for a month then put it into a local Saab Specialist and get it serviced, what sort of things should be done on a service for a car thats covered 92k?

Thankyou inadvance for your help.

Paul. :o

12th November 2002, 10:01 AM
Hi, Paul. Welcome to SaabCentral.

What year is the car?

The headlamp wiper can be removed and replaced reasonably easily. See here (http://www.saab9000.com/procedures/electrical/headlampwiper.html) for details, although this was done on a "facelifted" car, i.e. with the later style front.

Does the EDU show anything at all? Perhaps the bulbs aren't working. To check, shine a torch onto the display (with the engine running) and press the info button repeatedly. In the torchlight, if you look carefully, you should be able to see the numbers changing. If you can, then the display is OK and the bulbs need changing or there is some other problem with the lighting circuit.

For the spec. of the car, you can find out if it has SRS by decoding the VIN (http://www.saab9000.com/information/vin.php). There is some other useful stuff also encoded in the VIN. Whether ABS was fitted is not encoded in the VIN, but I believe all 9000s had ABS from some time in 1987. Since yours is a CD (introduced in 1988?) then I'd be quite sure it has ABS. You should see an ABS light (might say "Anti-lock") on the dash briefly when you switch the ignition on, but of course the light might not be working (blown bulb), so just because you don't see it doesn't mean you don't have ABS.

If you can give the year of the car, I or others should be able to help dig out the spec.

12th November 2002, 12:59 PM

Thanks for the prompt reply. The year is 1992. I get the car friday pm and im looking forward to a nice relaxing drive!

As soon as i get the car ill check the display with a torch.
The salesman at the garage told me he could just see the display - but most of them will say anything for a sale! Do the bulbs blow often? and what type are they - are they easy to come by?

I have read through the wiper removal - and when the weather is ok - ill have a go!
Thanks Paul.

Matt Phelps
12th November 2002, 02:32 PM
Good luck with it! I just picked up my own 9000 this week and I'm enjoying it mostly - although I've been a bit unlucky already. :(

12th November 2002, 04:50 PM
The bulbs don't blow often, but they do blow, like any other bulb. It could also be down to a loose connection. Personally, I've never had to deal with this yet, although my '95 CSE has been showing signs of variable brightness in the EDU since I bought it some months ago so I'll find out sooner or later. The main thing is that the EDU itself is probably not faulty, and that's the expensive bit.

I'm told the bulbs are accessible from underneath the dashboard, which is a fair bit less work than removing the dash top (itself not too bad a job).

13th November 2002, 02:09 AM
Matt - what do you mean you have been unlucky?

Bill - ill investigate the Display as soon as I get the car and ill keep you informed!

Matt Phelps
13th November 2002, 04:42 AM
I've had to return the car to the dealer once already to replace a failed AC Compressor, I discovered my cruise control doesn't work, nor the drivers side seat heater and it looks like I have some intermittant fault with the wipers too.

But mine is a 9 year old car with 130K miles on it. You have to expect some problems on a car that old. So far I'm still pleased with the car.

15th November 2002, 01:52 PM
Hi all,

I have had the car for about 7hrs now. Very nice and smooth drive. I now have a couple of more questions!

1. Does the car have a cat? If so how can I tell? and how much does it approx cost to replace?

2. How do I get to the lamps behind the EDU in the dashboard - the display is there but i think the lasmp has gone.

3. How can I tell if the car has an airbag and SRS? There is no info on the steering wheel about an air bag like some cars. But there is a label saying that the SRS should be tested after 10yrs. As the car is now 10yrs old - if I have it I should get it checked.

Thanks, Paul. :cheesy:

15th November 2002, 03:55 PM
1. Not sure but have a look underneath, the cat will be immediately after the downpipe. It is approx 18 inches long and 7 inches wide. Should last the lifetime of the car. Don't ask about cost, it might keep you awake at night! :o

2.To get at the back of the dash the whole top can be removed.

a)Using some small Torx bits (10 & 15 I think) remove the three screws holding each speaker grille in place. Slide the grille toward you to release.
b)A bolt beside the speakers on each side has to be removed. This is right at the base of the windscreen, and tight to get at.
c)Remove another Torx screw at each extreme end of the dash that has been uncovered by the removal of the speaker grille.
d)Some T20 or 25 Torx screws hold the dash in place inside the glovebox (Four I think, one could be behind a small rubber bung to the right of the rest)
e)Now pull the dash top slightly up and toward you. It may be held by a clip in the centre of the dash top going around a thick wire that runs from one side of the dash to the other. Unhook it and that should be the whole top off and free.
Once you're used to this it takes about five minutes, literally.

3.I've always gone by the signs on the dash, my car has SRS imprinted on the wheel centre, along with a SRS light within the pictogram that lights and goes out to inform you of the correct functioning of the airbag system. It sounds as though you may well just have the seatbelt pretensioners that I had on my '90 Carlsson. My specialist never mentioned any checks, although I too have read the label on the ten year check.

15th November 2002, 05:16 PM
Hi, Paul. A '92 9000 will have left the factory with a cat. However, if it's a J-reg (not K-reg) '92, then it the so-called "cat test" is not part of its MOT, and it should pass an MOT without a cat and without problems. If there were a problem with the cat, you could bear this in mind.

I know someone who has a '93 CSE without airbags, so they weren't made standard until after that. I believe, as Nick mentions, that the 9000 had seatbelt pre-tensioners long before this, and this might count as "SRS". However, my '90 9000CD didn't have airbags. Neither did it have the "SRS" light in the middle of the pictogram in the dash that my later 9000s have.

I'm told people have reached those bulbs from underneath, bypassing the need to remove the dash top. You need to unclip the trim underneath and undoing the little clips can be puzzling if you haven't encountered their like before. If they're the same type as in mine (probably are), then you need to push the centre pin up into the dashboard to free the clip, then reover the pin. Use a small electrical screwdriver. It's described here (http://www.saab9000.com/procedures/suspension/rackbush.html) (see step 7 and don't bother removing the steering rack, etc. ;) ). If you break them, Halfords sell similar clips at the usual daft price for little plastic bits.

The bulbs are in holders that lock in by twisting, as far as I remember.

17th November 2002, 09:11 AM
Thanks for all your replies - they have been most usefull!

I have replaced the bulbs in the edu. I can now see how many mpg etc...! I have found that one of the bulbs in the heated seat swithces is not working, neither is the underbonnet light or the boot light - anyone know where the switch is on the boot? (saloon)

I have to tackle the wiper motor next - probably next weekend. It sounds like the motor is running ok but the shaft is not turning. Ill investigate then.

I have found that the rear off side ligh cluster is letting in water - looks easy to remove - 4 x nuts and then pull forward - is this correct? I can then reseal light fitting.

Has any one fitted a tow bar to there car yet? Is it easy?

17th November 2002, 02:57 PM
I recently fitted a towbar. It was a Witter and it fitted pretty well. All the mounting holes are there - the front of the towbar fits in place of the rear towing eye and the rear hangs from three bolts that screw into the provided threaded holes in the rear bumper. Electrics are all provided at a connector behind the carpet in the left-hand side of the boot. If you get a Saab towbar kit, I imagine you just plug the electrics in. I didn't, but it's handy having them all accessible in one place.

Yes, removing the rear light cluster is as easy as you suggest.

20th November 2002, 02:07 AM
I have another question - when the light switch for the external lights is set to the off position (left hand side of center) the headlights and side lights are still on.
When the switch is moved to the central position the sidelights come on. Then I move the switch to the far right position then the headlights and side lights are back on. Is this correct? :-?

20th November 2002, 04:58 AM
Yes it is correct. If You want to delete the headlights in switch left position You should remove fuse No 31 (if I remeber correctly) from fuse box.


1997 9000cse lpt