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: 1989 Saab 9000s Heater Fan R & R ?

9th November 2002, 02:50 AM
I have a 1989 SAAB 9000S in which the heater fan has stopped.

My question is where the heck is it? Is there an exploded view of this contraption? Do I need to remove the hood or the glove box? Any help in this matter would be great. I cannot afford to have a dealership fix it. My father is a Mopar mechanic and agreed to attempt it if I could dig up some info for him. Thanks in advance for your help!


9th November 2002, 03:07 AM
Hi Fluffy,

Welcome to our shores! :D

The heater(ventilation) fan is underneath the black plastic cover at the base of the windscreen.

Lift the bonnet (hood?) and take out the bolts securing the cover. Below you will find the motor within a housing almost dead at the center of the windscreen.

Question? Does the fan work on setting four? If so then the thermal resistor plugged into the fan housing will be open circuit and is a cheap and easy fix.


PS. What does Mopar stand for?? Seen this many times but still none the wiser!

9th November 2002, 03:37 AM
Thanks cdcarlson!

I will print this and give it to my father to prevent any further gray hair.

Mopar stands for "motor parts" the manufacturer of the parts used to build Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth etc.

Thank you for the quick reply! It used to work on high but no more!

Thanks again!