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7th November 2002, 10:34 PM
Hey everyone,
I jsut recently got interested in saab bc a friend of mine, his dad bought one and loves it. So i am in the market for a new car soon and i am consindering getting a 9.3. I am fed up with driving a manual so i am looking for something reliable, comfortable, and stylish. I think i have found it int he saab. Would a '99 9.3, with about 40k miles be a wise investment. Is there anything problematic that i should know b4 buying? What is the first thing to go, and what should i look for while driving it. being a 19 year old and going to school, i really would hope to get a nice one, but i cant tell if it is nice unless i know what to look for.
Thanks a bunch,

8th November 2002, 04:44 AM
9-3s tend to be pretty reliable in general.. I would make the usual tests..

1) Does it smoke on cold startup?
2) Driving over bumps does the suspension feel worn-out and noisy?
3) Turning wheels lock to lock are there any strange noises?
4) Is the service book fully up-to-date with all the necessary stamps?
5) Ask to see previous bills of maintance if possible to get an idea of what's been done already.
6) If it's a turbo.. look for smoke on acceleration and decceleraion.
7) Is the bodywork in prime condition?

I've found my 9-3 (I've done over 50k miles in about 18months in mine from new) to be utterly reliable - responds well to upgrades, and after some of the upgrades - very enjoyable to drive..

Don't be put off that it's a 4cyl.. the balancer shafts and turbo make you feel like you're driving a silky six.

8th November 2002, 01:02 PM
look for any sign of seeping coolant around the head and check the heater temp/distribution controls, make sure they turn easy.

See if you can find a car that has some factory warranty left over

the 9-3 uses a very reliable Asin-Warner (sp?) autobox, also used in Lexus (I hear). at any rate, the autos are good but with 20+ less ft/lb of torque over a manual.