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: Diesel power improvement

1st April 2005, 08:07 AM
Hi guys, I've got one of the new 120bhp 1.9 diesels and whilst I'm very happy with it (great torque at mid rev range), the engine feels flat out at ~ 105mph ish. In 6th gear its practically impossible to get the engine above 3,200 rpm - but this may be the limit for a car thus powered anyway.

I've only done about 3,600 miles in it thus far - is it much to early to expect peak power from it? I won't be going over 100 very often (I would quite like to keep my driving license) but it would be nice to understand the power profile of the car and how it improves over time. Also to know my car is operating completely to spec.

I've heard vague references to the car 'loosening up' at around 4000 miles - but nothing really concrete (certainly not mentioned in the car documentation).

Longer term I may try a tunit for the bit of extra power I would like - have any of the 8v 1.9tiDs been tried out with this, to anyone's knowledge? tunit quote 120bhp/207lbs/ft -> 145bhp/241lbs/ft - see http://www.tunit.co.uk/_vehicle_search2.php - but I am....

a) not 100% convinced they have tried it in this exact model
b) desperate to avoid screwing my car up permanently if this is a finite risk.....

(btw abbotracing quote even higher gain for their reprog of the ECU see http://www.abbottracing.com/2003/tuning/n9-3/engine/9-5_diesel.htm)

Can anyone offer any guidance on the above?

Regards all, fab forum,


3rd April 2005, 05:15 AM
Sorry, evidently the wrong board (I'm not sure the diesels are even for sale in US or Canada, are they). If there's a better place to post this that anyone knows of please let me know!