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: Diff between 9-3 and 900

7th November 2002, 12:15 AM
Ok i was looking around for a 2dr cpe saab with the newer style which im just gonna guess began in 93'-present. I noticed there are 9-3's and 900's and i cant tell the differance and i see everyone in here talking about both and am confused in what kind of car i should look for. I want a fast saab that i can make look like the viggenwith the bodyy kit mick has on his. I was pretty much wondering which car you would reccomend and prices, years etc. Any help would be appreciated. I dont know if it matter but i would like it to have a 5 spd. transmission. Oh and 2dr coupe. And other links or information would be helpful also. Im am contactable on AIM using the screen name x74573x.

8th November 2002, 12:40 AM
Just Do it, Lash out and get a early 9-3 Viggen with the 2.3 Turbo....Mmmmmm

Over powered for it handling but who cares it would be a quick little sucker.


Side indicators a white
Front grill is different
Air intake and Air mass meter different (no air mass on 900?)
interior...not much different from my model from what i've seen. (Audio Controls on Stearing wheel wih 9-3).

Don't know about the suspension, I would hope it is better.


8th November 2002, 04:24 AM
Differences between a 9-3 and a 900 huh?

The 9-3 is basically a facelifted version of the ng900 (which itself was built to replace the classic 900). The ng900 production run ran from 95 to 98 (I think) and the 9-3 from 98 to present day (i think).

Both the ng(new generation) 900 and the 9-3 are/where available with turbo engines, and manual gearboxes and indeed both can be fitted (with some work and expense) with the viggen bumpers, sideskirts and tail spoiler.

Well there are officially over 1000 differences between the 9-3 and the ng900.

.. okay i can think of a few between the ng900 i used to own and the 9-3 I own now...

Body changes - The 9-3 has different bumpers, grill, foglamps and tailgate to the NG900, side repeater- grey instead of orange.

Wheels - The 9-3 has a whole different set of complimentary alloy wheels to that which was available for the NG900.. but the stud pattern and required offset are the same, so wheels can be interchanged between the two models.

Suspension - The 9-3's suspension was overhauled, in comparison to the older car, however both are still under-par. The goodnews is that both can be fixed to handle pretty decently - this is the preserve of a good aftermarket tuner, like Abbott and co...

Clutch - The 9-3 has a hydraulic clutch.. the 900 a cable clutch.

Safety - The 9-3 has side airbags (so 4 airbags in total) and SAHR Seats (Saab active head restraints) the 900 has two airbags and different seats.

Interior - Whilst it looks similar... the 9-3 has a grey/grey plastic or grey/sand plastic interior..the 900 has black/black ot black/sand plastic. Different steering wheels, different stereos, different options.

Electronics - Newer 9-3s.. have the same electronics bus as the 9-5, with prewiring for mobile telephone kits and the like..the ng900 did not.

Engine electronics - NG900s (with Turbos) use the trionic5 engine management system (very upgradeble.. and easier to do).. some 9-3s use trionic5.. but (i think) newer then 2001 use trionic 7 (which uses an airmass meter.. and is more powerful, but also more complicated to upgrade)

I think all 9-3s from the end of 1999 on- are turbo engined. The only factory 9-3 with a 2.3l 4cyl engine was/is the Viggen, otherwise all 9-3 varients have the 2.0 4cyl engine except the Diesels which have 4cyl 2.2 direct injection turbo diesel engines

The 900 was available in it's life with a NA2.0, NA2.3, 2.0T, 2.5v6NA.

The 9-3 is available with 2.0NA(135)[not available now] 2.0lpt(150), 2.0T(185hp), 2.0HOT(205-210hp)and the 2.3HOT(225hp) and diesel engines 2.2TiD(115hp) and 2.2TiD 2001 on (125hp).

There are probably more differences.. but i'm already too geeky with the ones i've mentioned...

8th November 2002, 01:53 PM
Wow, you didn't even stop for breath....

Mark P
8th November 2002, 02:27 PM
Impressive! :cheesy:

21st November 2002, 05:46 PM
If your gonna mod it out anyway, i would suggest you get a later model which are less $ and put your money into the modification and bodykit. If you look at Marky's post you will see that the viggen kits arent cheap! I have a 95 900set convertible 5 spd 2.0ltr with a few mods myself, i always get people asking me if its the new model ( probably cause i have the SAAB new car plates on it).

i bought this car 1 year ago for $11k, it only had 35k miles on it, yup thats it. It use to be red and i had it painted bright metallic silver, whick alone made it look like a newer model because i had all the black plastic parts painted as well, shaved all the emblems, then i upgraded all the lighting to the super white hid bulbs, threw on some 18" Axis seven rims, tinted the windows, and modded out the engine.......everyone still asks me if its a 2000 or 2001
model, I probably have invested an extra $3500 dollars to it but it was well worth it!

3rd December 2002, 12:29 PM
What psi does the turbo boost at on a 95 900 vs a newer 9-3 and what psi would I be safely able to increase to on a 95 900 with my only mod being a boost controller. Thanks for any and all help.


3rd December 2002, 03:14 PM
Stock turbo PSI is at 12psi for a stock 95 900set. Check out Erics website he's got some very helpful information. I believe he has a 95 900set 3 door and he is running 21PSI, he also has alot of tips. :D

happy tuning!

3rd December 2002, 03:14 PM
whoops sorry, his website is www.lehigh.edu/~erp4/Saab.html

3rd December 2002, 03:17 PM
For a 1995 SE the max boost you can run is ~15 psi, the ECU will cut fuel it boost goes above this. I have an upgraded ECU which allows me to reach 21 psi. That is a picture of my boost gauge below.


31st December 2002, 07:02 AM
Just a quick correction to Marks mail above:

1998 NG900 has a hydraulic clutch as well.