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: Saab Sport Wagon or Crossover???

25th March 2005, 12:11 PM
Looking at the website, I anounced few days ago the refocuse of Saab in his lineup and the info about Saab is developing a Crossover. Now this "news" is updated and now they comment that Saab is developing a Global Sport is quite corious....

Wanted: Awd 9-3

Saab dealers also want the 9-3 all-wheel-drive version promised three years ago.

Corporate turmoil had postponed the decision on a next-generation 9-5. So the current 9-5 will get a facelift in September to extend its life. Saab still is debating what the next-generation 9-5 should be and on what to base it. The GM Epsilon architecture would be an obvious choice.

Forster said GM will create a global Saab sport wagon. Sources do not rule out using the Zeta, a rear-drive architecture developed by GM Australian subsidiary Holden.

Another possibility is the Lambda architecture, which will be used for sport wagons. The first models are expected in late 2006, from a GM plant is near Lansing, Mich.

Front-wheel drive is no longer a core value for Saab. "But agile, predictable handling definitively is," Forster said at the Geneva auto show. The sport wagon is likely to be built in the United States.

"Unlike the Subaru-based Saab 9-2X and the Chevrolet TrailBlazer-derived 9-7X, which were developed halfway into the base models' life cycles, the sport wagon Saab is a brand-new development," said a Saab source.

The Saab sport wagon is at least three years away. But the Saab 9-6, an awd sport wagon co-developed with Subaru, comes earlier. A GM Europe source said the car will debut in "closer to 18 months than two years" and sell first in the United States.

you can check part of the news in the "brother" publication of autonews,