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: Saab PT Cruiser

25-03-05, 10:50 AM
I just read in a weekly magazine that the guy responsible for the PT Cruiser is the new Chief of Design at Saab.

Saab has a enormous appeal to the higher educated layers of the population. Unfortunately it seems to be losing that, at an alarming rate.
Also when people walk past an old 900 they instantly respond to it, and recognise it as being Saab. Later 9-3's are barely noticed in a parking lot, people just walk past them...
These are things that need to be changed as soon as possible to give Saab back a face of its own...

27-03-05, 11:35 AM
Bryan Nesbitt is old news.

27-03-05, 12:14 PM
Ok then, sorry didn't know that ;oops: