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: turbo advice for 9000 2.0 please

30th October 2002, 04:23 PM
Hi all,

after being advised to look at the 9000 range instead of the 900's

i have seen a 9000 turbo 89 h plate 140k on the clock

question is ?? re the turbo unit

when the car is running, at idle where should the turbo needle sit,

and how much should it move when revved??

how much movement should ther be? i could only get it to move a amall amount..

mind you that was with the car static..

any gremlins in this range vehicle if so any advice would be appreciated..

also what are the counting / moving lights on the dash??

like leds that move l>r when you turn on??



30th October 2002, 07:18 PM
Hi, Matt. Welcome to SaabCentral.

The gauge should sit well down into the white range at idle (at this point, it's functioning as a vacuum gauge). If it sits up near the white/yellow divide, then it's usually a sign of a vacuum leak - split hose or turbo bypass valve, and easy to fix.
When you rev it, very little should happen to the gauge because you won't get boost until the engine is under load. Take it for a drive and put your foot down at about 3000RPM and, assuming you're not hanging on with white knuckles and staring at the road coming towards you at high speed, you should see the needle go up into the broken yellow/red area of the gauge.

Not quite sure what you mean about the lights. There is a digital display under the speedometer which contains, among other things, a bargraph display of fuel economy. This display is illuminated orange. Does this sound like what you saw?

If you're worried about the turbo, take it for a drive to get it warm, then let it idle for a good few minutes while you poke around the rest of the car. If the turbo oil seals are duff, you should see fairly thick smoke coming out of the exhaust after idling for a while.

1st November 2002, 11:50 AM
Hi all

thanks for the turby bits advice..

all seems ok there the other niggles found where

ther is a whirring from the front top area of the cylinder head..

could this be chain problems...

also when driving, after applying the brakes, the abs light came on, and stayed on

it only went off when i turned the ignition off

then it stayed off when i restarted. i tryed pressing the brake with the hand brake off, and it still stayed off

any ideas, or is this a wallet clearing problem??