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: GM New Incentives Announced on TCC today

Rob in Atlanta
9th March 2005, 08:23 AM
GM Readies New Round of Incentives

General Motors is expected to greatly expand its incentive offerings later this week with the rollout of a new "March Madness" program. Although the company has not yet confirmed the incentives, according to a Reuters report dealers have been informed of some of the details for the new program, which may include an unusual $1000 rebate on any vehicle that has gone unsold for more than 120 days. The new program reportedly will apply to all GM brands, and higher incentives might apply to Cadillacs. Sales of the luxury division in particular have been slower than expected, and GM recently decided to make production cuts rather than relying on incentive-based sales. The company had scaled its incentives back for January and February, but even as several thousand dollars in incentives per vehicle apply, sales have continued to be painfully slow.